Cobble Hill dentist advertises ‘hand-crafted fillings, artisanal Invisalign’

Cobble Hill dentist advertises ‘hand-crafted fillings, artisanal Invisalign’
Community News Group / Lauren Gill

This Cobble Hill dentist has his patients cracking up — and it isn’t the laughing gas!

Henry Street’s Bococa Dental has mouths agape with a sidewalk sign advertising “hand-crafted fillings, artisanal Invisalign, and bespoke ceramic crowns.” But the marketing tactic isn’t intended to appeal seriously to neighborhood hipsters, according to its top tooth technician — just to ease his patients’ pain.

“It’s more just to be silly and lighthearted,” said Dr. Gregory Gangi, who put the tongue-in-cheek sign in front of his practice near Atlantic Avenue. “You know, it’s dentistry so we want to lighten it up.”

The placard was inspired in part by a recent Saturday Night Live skit mocking the arrival of wine bars and specialty mayonnaise stores in Bushwick, Gangi said.

“That kind of got me thinking about how I could make something funny with dentistry and put it on one of these sandwich board signs that would kind of express a little bit of my humor,” he said.

Gangi says some patients don’t get the joke, but most walk in the door with a toothy grin, while passersby often stop to snap photos.

This isn’t the dentist’s first funny sidewalk sign — a previous one advertised “Gluten-free crowns baked fresh daily.” But Gangi said his latest effort has raised the bar for his next creation.

“I’m going to have to come up with something good,” he said.

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