Cold comfort: Thugs rob teen of coat, sneakers and iPhone

Cold feetTwo thugs jumped an 18-year-old on Ocean Avenue on Jan. 27, taking his sneakers, iPhone and coat.HenryA crew of thieves broke into HenryMadison menacesThree James Madison High School students beat a classmate during a botched attempted robbery on school grounds on Jan. 24.Bag pincher pinchedA thief was busted for trying to swipe a womanHome raidedA thief crept into an E. Second Street home on Jan. 20, taking a flatscreen television, computer, video game console and some jewelry.Locker looterA thief broke into a gym locker inside the Lucille Roberts on Kings Highway on Jan. 29, taking $10 and a credit card.Mirror menaceA thief swiped the side view mirrors off a 2003 Mercedes Benz sitting parked on E. Third Street on Jan. 29.Train tagger nabbedWell, now we know where to get the subway. Bias attack on BMWA week-old attack on a 2011 BMW is being investigated as a bias crime, officials said.Beaten with pipeTwo thugs jumped a 60-year-old man on E. 12th Street on Jan. 21

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