Color collision!

Color collision!
Run or dye: Megan Wagner and Jessica Caracciolo pose in their stark-white Ts prior to the NYC Color Run on Aug. 25.
Arthur De Gaeta

These colors don’t run — instead, you run through them.

Nearly 25,000 amateur athletes flocked to Aviator Sports and Events Center last weekend for the two-day Color Run, where runners were doused with a variety of neon-colored dyes as they jogged along the three-mile course.

“My hair’s still pink,” said Ashley Lycett, who participated on Saturday.

The racers — wearing bright white T-shirts at the starting line — were unleashed, 1,000 at a time, over the course of 10 waves.

Every half mile, the racers would see a colored flag in the distance, foreshadowing the neon mist of colored cornstarch that volunteers on the sideline would squirt from ketchup bottles.

“You were pretty much tie-dyed at the end,” said Jessica Caracciolo, who came down from Ithaca College to participate in the Color Run.

There were no losers in the race: contestants young and old were encouraged to take their time and enjoy themselves.

“They actually didn’t even time you,” said Caracciolo. “Some people ran, some people walked. There were families there, older people; it was just a fun experience for everyone.”

After the jog, runners became revelers as they received packets of colored dye that they ripped open and tossed into the air in tandem while a DJ pumped out tunes from a nearby stage.

“It was like a huge dance party,” said Caracciolo.

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