¡Comida Mexicana querido at Authentic Mexican week


September 18

Greek to us

Sure, Brooklynites have a food fixation, but the Greeks invented the Edible Complex. So indulge your stomach — and your subconscious — with homemade gyros, shish kebab, baklava, and pastries at the Three Hierarchs Church’s two-day, Grecian grub-fest, which is in its 50th year. You don’t turn a half-century with bad lamb.

6 pm-midnight. Greek Food Festival at Three Hierarchs Church [1724 Avenue P between E. 17th and 18th streets in Midwood, (718) 339-0280].


September 19

Wowee zowee

It’s been 10 years since Pavement put out “Terror Twilight,” but the sun has certainly not set on indie-rock pioneers. The group will be doing five shows over six days this month, but the one on the Williamsburg Waterfront is the kickoff. After that, it’s off to Central Park, where we could care less what happens.

5:30 pm. Pavement at the Williamsburg Waterfront (N. Eighth Street and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg). Tickets $38.50.


September 20

Bela bash

Just turn on the TV, go to the movies, or open a box of Count Chocula cereal and you’ll see vampires. They’re everywhere! Who’s responsible for this fanged cultural phenomenon? One man: the often-imitated Bela Lugosi. Accept no substitutes, and see him star in “Dracula,” the film that started it all, as part of Brooklyn Academy of Music’s “Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Vampires Live Forever” series.

6:50 and 9:15 pm. “Dracula” at BAM Rose Cinema [30 Lafayette Ave. at Ashland Place in Fort Greene, (718) 636-4129]. Tickets are $8-$12. For info, visit www.bam.org.


September 23

7th Avenue stretch

This sample sale has some bite! At the third annual Park Slope Restaurant Tour, hungry hordes will be able to taste free samples from more than 30 of the neighborhood’s top restaurants, wine shops, and food stores. Although it’s only along Seventh Avenue, the featured cuisines span the globe. Don’t decide where to eat dinner until you’ve sampled them all.

6-9 pm. Park Slope Restaurant Tour. For a list of participating restaurants, go to www.buyinbrooklyn.com.


September 24

Eliot smith

It’s no waste land. This time, T.S. Eliot, that ever-upbeat poet, takes the audience to a medieval English cathedral in his lyrical drama, “Murder in the Cathedral” — reworked as a site-specific piece in St. Joseph’s Church. OBIE award-winner Alec Duffy helms this tale of an Archbishop who is willingly assassinated in hopes of becoming a martyr.

7:30 pm. “Murder at the Cathedral” at St. Joseph’s Church [856 Pacific St. between Vanderbilt and Underhill avenues in Prospect Heights, (718) 783-4500]. Tickets $10 (suggested donation). For info, visit www.murderinthecathedral.com.

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