Concert etiquette 101: How to behave at an outdoor show

Outdoor concerts are a Brooklyn summer tradition — and as is the case with every long-standing cultural rite, open-air shows have rules that should be followed. We checked with concert expert Adam Geringer-Dunn from Brooklyn Bowl and compiled this list outlining the basics of summer concert etiquette — all to help you avoid being an inconsiderate concert-goer.

1. No umbrellas, even if it’s raining. It’s just a pain for everybody else. Wear a poncho and don’t be afraid to get a wet.

2. Concerts are excellent opportunities to live in the moment. Don’t ever use an iPad to take photos and don’t watch the whole show through your iPhone screen.

3. If you wear flip-flops don’t complain, even if you get stepped on or beer spills on your feet. Accept responsibility for wearing flip-flops in a huge crowd.

4. Don’t over do it with the partying. If may be tempting and easy to do, but it’s never fun for your friends to have to take care of the one person who’s passed out at 2 pm. Pace yourself.

5. If you’re kicked out, don’t argue and make a scene. Just leave. You’re not getting back in anyway — and with the giant sea of people around you, you must have really been going out of your way get noticed in the first place.

— Eli Rosbenberg

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