The ‘stache is back! Coney Island’s Beard and Moustache competition returns for 13th year

Coney Island Beard and Moustache Competition returns
Coney Island is bringing back its annual Beard and Moustache Competition on Sept. 3.
Photo courtesy of Coney Island USA.

Coney Island’s annual Beard and Moustache Competition is coming back after a two year break during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mustache enthusiasts will gather on the eccentric island on Sept. 3 to see who has the wackiest, most extravagant whiskers.

According to Adam “Realman” Rinn, emcee of the competition and artistic director for Coney Island USA, organizers aren’t sure what to expect this year due to the extended hiatus — but they anticipate an enjoyable evening. 

“We’re sorta coming back after COVID not quite knowing what to expect,” Rinn said as he and other organizers pondered who will participate this year.  “We don’t know but it’s certainly going to be a fun time regardless.”

Rinn says the crazier the beards, the more amusement for the viewers and as the only facial hair contest in New York, spectators are signing up for a packed night of entertainment.

“It’s definitely a participant driven event,” the artistic director said. “The more contestants we have, the better the show.”

Contestant are judge by a panel of celebrity judges at the beard and moustache competition
One stache contestant shows off his grey, sculpted beard to a panel of judges. Photo courtesy of Coney Island USA.

Competitors will stand against “an amazing panel of judges,” Rinn said, including included Brooklyn celebrity Big Ronnie Parisella, owner of Gypsy Hair Co., Kristina Angela and other local business owners. 

Participants will be judged against different criteria like the best styled or natural ‘staches and beards, strongest team participation and the worst beard in the show. The emcee says they even have a fake beard category so everyone can take part in the hairy excitement.

​​“Some people can’t grow facial hair and we want to open up the competition for everybody,” he said. 

Organizers have unique categories to make sure all can participate in the competition.
Organizers have unique categories — like best fake facial hair — to make sure all can participate in the competition. Photo courtesy of Coney Island USA.

If taking in all the crazy stubble isn’t enough merriment, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow will be performing some of their unusual tricks and stunts.

“This is more than just a beard competition, it’s some of the wackiest entertainment located in the birthplace of wacky entertainment,” Rinn said in a statement.

To find out more about the competition, visit the official event website