Coney Island crook busted — two months after the crime

Taken for a ride

A grubby thief broke into a Coney Island amuseument park on July 31 — but left his fingerprints behind, making it only a matter of time before police could charge him with burglary.

Police said the 17-year-old suspect crawled through the window of the High-and-Low ride’s ticket booth at 3:30 am, removing a set of keys and a ream of tickets.

Senior attacked

A beggar attacked an 82-year-old who refused to give her money on 86th Street on Sept. 8, and was arrested for it.

The victim and his son were leaving a convenience store near W. Eighth Street at 10:10 am when the 29-year-old woman approached and asked for some money.

When the senior said no, she shoved the man to the ground and ran off, leaving the 82-year-old with injuries to his hands and face. The senior’s son took off after the woman — and grabbed her after a brief chase.

Broom hilda

A crook attacked a Nostrand Avenue 99-cent store employee when she was caught shoplifting on Sept. 10.

Workers at the store, which is between Avenues Y and Z, said the thief entered at 1:45 pm and began swiping items from store shelves.

When the female worker confronted her, the suspect grabbed a broom and hit her with it — then ran off with a pair of socks and two bottles of nail polish.

Hit with bottle

A malcontent cracked a bottle over a 21-year-old’s head during a Sept. 4 robbery on E. First Street.

The victim was nearing Avenue Y at 6 pm when the suspect attacked, running off with $40 and a pre-paid cellphone.

Manhattan Beach raid

Thieves broke into an Amherst Street home under renovation on Sept. 10, taking more than $11,000 in tools.

Workers at the site, which is near Shore Boulevard, showed up at 8 am on Sept. 11 to find that someone had rested a ladder against the house.

Police believe the thief used the ladder to scale up and unlock a second floor window.

Chicken swipe

A crispy crook broke into BBQ Chicken on Nostrand Avenue on Sept. 10, taking a cash register and $1,900.

Workers at the eatery, which is near Avenue V, said someone pried open the back door sometime after 10:30 pm, cutting the telephone lines as he broke in.

Bike grab

A free-wheeling thief snagged a bicycle left unattended on Avenue Y.

The 11-year-old victim told police that he left his bike near E. 18th Street for a few moments at 6:30 pm. When he returned, the bike was gone.

Car raid

A thief broke into a 2010 Volkswagen parked on E. 14th Street on Sept. 11, taking a red change purse containing $5.

The owner of the car left the vehicle parked near Neptune Avenue at 5 pm. When he returned at 10 am the next morning, the front driver’s window was smashed and the cabin was looted through.

Haring St. heists

Thieves raided two cars parked on Haring Street on Sept. 11, taking navigation systems and a cellphone.

The first car, a 2010 Nissan, was parked by the owner at 12:15 am between Avenues T and S. Then, someone forced open the door and rummaged through the glove box.

Later that day, a thief broke into a 2000 Nissan, which was parked between Avenues Z and Voorhies Avenue, taking a second navigation system. The 60-year-old owner of the car didn’t realize she had been robbed until 8:55 am the next morning.

— Thomas Tracy