Coney Island precinct honors civilians

While New York’s finest are out patrolling the streets every day, they often get help from local civilians.

Five of these civilians were recently honored at the 60th Precinct Community Council with a special recognition plaque.

The civilians honored were Mark Hirsch, Will Vega, David Rabinowitz, Albert Azrak and Elliot Tamir.

These five civilians have always been there for the precinct whenever they are needed, explained community Affairs Police Officer Hank Stucken.

Stucken said in particular the five came through in a big way on the precinct’s medal day last Jan. 9.

The medal day is where the cops get recognized for acts of bravery and good arrests, said Stucken.

“Medal Day rewards officers in the NYPD for any act of bravery or heroics and these five individuals supplied the food and drink, and other logistical support for the event,” said Stucken.

These five made sure the event happened, he added.

The precinct covers Coney Island and Brighton Beach.