Cons threaten and rob man

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Bad date

A dastardly duo stole $80 and a credit and debit card from a 23rd Avenue resident on Aug. 30 after the wicked woman met the victim on a dating site.

The man told police he agreed to meet the woman at his apartment near 64th Street at 12:30 am, but she showed up with another man, who threatened and demanded cash from the victim, police said. The pair then drove the man to a deli at 66th Street and Bay Parkway, where they forced him to withdraw money from the cash machine, according to the report. The pair then drove the man back to his home and fled in a car, police said.

Taken in broad daylight

A criminal stole a woman’s white 2018 Infiniti SUV from 84th Street on Aug. 27.

The theft occurred between 15th and 16th avenues at around 2 pm, when the thief grabbed the keys to the car from the backyard and drove down 84th Street, according to the report.

While they were sleeping

A thief broke into a 15th Avenue home through a kitchen window and stole electronics, a purse, and a cellphone on Aug. 28.

The pilferer broke into the home between Cropsey and Independence avenues and stole the goods while the residents were sleeping at some point before 7:30 am.

Nighttime slashing

A lout slashed and stabbed a man with a knife — causing deep lacerations and heavy bleeding — on Kings Highway on Aug. 29.

The assault occurred between W. Eighth and W. Ninth streets just before 2 am, and the victim was treated at Coney Island Hospital, according to the report.

Phoned a friend

A thief broke into an 86th Street cellphone store through the roof on Aug. 29 and stole electronics and a cellphone.

The break-in and theft occurred at the store between Bay 29th Street and Bay Parkway just after 4:30 am, police said.

Bottled it up

A baddie stole $5,000 from the garage of a 15th Avenue home while she was collecting plastic bottles from the backyard on Aug. 29.

The theft occurred at around 9 am from the home between 86th Street and Benson Avenue, police said.

Energized by the steal

Police arrested a man who they say tried to steal 10 Red Bull energy drinks from a New Utrecht Avenue store on Aug. 29, and pushed and scratched the man who tried to stop him.

The attempted theft occurred at the store at 71st Street just before 3:30 pm, according to the police report.

Purse grab

Cops cuffed a two out of three men who allegedly struck a woman with a hard metal object and stole her phone and purse on W. 11th Street on Aug. 30.

Police say the trio began following the woman between Avenues O and P around 1 am, and then struck her and took her belongings. Officers stopped two of the men after the attack, according to the report, which added that one of the men had a switch blade and threw a plastic bag that they later found contained a loaded handgun.

Came in through the bathroom

A perp broke into a W. Third Street home through a bathroom window and stole $800 as well as credit and debit cards on Aug. 31.

The break-in occurred at the home between Applegate Court and Avenue T around 5:30 am, cops said.

Cut like a knife

Police arrested a man who allegedly used a sharp object to assault a man on the arms, chest, stomach, and back on 81st Street on Aug. 31.

The assault occurred at 19th Avenue just after 10 am, and emergency medical personnel treated the man on the scene, police reported.

Bottled-up rage

A brute struck a man in the head with a wine bottle — causing a minor laceration to his left eyebrow — on 86th Street on Sept. 1.

The assault occurred between Bay Eighth Street and 15th Avenue around 5:50 pm, and the man fled in foot in an unknown direction, police said.

Heartless thieves

Police arrested a two out of three men who allegedly beat a woman and stole her purse — with her wallet, cellphone, and $100 inside — on 73rd Street on Aug. 30.

Officers say the assault and theft occurred between 17th and 18th avenues at around 1:15 am, and began when the men allegedly approached her from behind and tried to steal her bag. When the woman refused, the men slammed her to the ground, punched her, grabbed her bag, and fled on foot towards 17th Street, police said.

— Julianne McShane