Consolidated conman tricks customer

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights—DUMBO—Boerum Hill—Downtown

Consolidated conman tricks customer

A conman pretending to be a Con Edison employee tricked a customer out of a chunk of change on April 18.

Police said the victim received a call at 12:42 pm from a man who said he was calling from the utility company to warn the victim that he had fallen behind on his payments and his service would be turned off if he didn’t pay up. The jerk convinced the victim to send over nearly $3,000 through the payment app Zelle before the customer realized something as wrong and reported the interaction to police.

Sleepy scoundrel steals sheets

Some scoundrel allegedly stole some pricey linens from the Fulton Street Macy’s on April 19.

Store employees watched the alleged thief enter the department store near Hoyt Street at about 10 pm and collect almost $1,500 in fancy sheets, pillows, and a comforter and head for the exits without stopping to pay at the register, police said. Luckily, cops were waiting at the exit and promptly arrested the perp.

Apartment scammer

Someone just looking for a new apartment was swindled out of a down payment on April 17.

The victim told police they found a new apartment in Manhattan on Facebook Marketplace and sent over a $2,500 down payment. But, after a week of waiting in their current Atlantic Avenue digs without being able to so much as tour the apartment, they realized the whole thing was a fraud and reported the incident to cops.

Conference room crook

A crook stole thousands of dollars in tech from someone attending a conference at an Adams Street hotel on April 21.

Police said the victim left her bag under a table in a conference room at the Marriott near Jay Street at about 3 pm while they went to another room. When she returned, the bag had been emptied of her work laptop, keys, Apple AirPods, credit cards, and $175 in cash.

Tech store robbed

A sneak robbed a Court Street shop during operating hours on April 19.

The store, near Joralemon Street, was open and operating shortly before 5 pm when some unseen sneak slipped in through the back door and grabbed a backpack containing a laptops and a $100 Sephora giftcard and quietly leaving the way they came. Cameras captured the whole incident live on film, but the thief wasn’t caught.

Vacation villain rips open packages

A vacation came to a rude end when one Brooklyn resident returned home to his Joralemon Street apartment to find his packages ripped open and emptied on April 23.

Police said the victim was away from his apartment near Clinton Street starting on April 6, and had a package delivered while he was away. When he stepped back into the vestibule, he found the box, which had been full of music equipment, ripped open and emptied, with no sign of who helped themselves to the tech.