Cops: Enraged driver whacks cabbie with baseball ball

94th Precinct


Batter up

An enraged motorist whacked a taxi driver with a baseball bat on Wythe Avenue for slowing him down in the early morning hours of Sept. 19, police reported.

The taxi driver said he was picking up a passenger near N. 12th Street at around 4 am when the alleged assailant, fed up with the cabbie’s casual pace, jumped out of a four-door sedan and started striking him in the face with a baseball bat, causing the victim’s left cheek to swell, according to a police report.

The bat-wielding driver got back in his car and drove away, leaving the rear driver-side window and the front passenger-side window shattered, authorities said. The victim told cops he tried to chase after the speeding demon, but was unable to follow.

Hammer time

Cops nabbed a guy who they say bashed someone’s car window with a hammer during a driving dispute on Beadel Street on Sept. 17.

The victim told cops he had turned from Morgan Avenue at noon when he got into a tiff with another driver, who allegedly marched up to the victim’s window wielding a hammer and smashed in the glass, cutting the victim’s face.

The victim only sustained minor injuries from the breaking glass, authorities said.

Scoot and boot

A posse of scoundrels punched a guy who was riding a scooter on the Northside Piers on Sept. 16, and ran off with the man’s mode of transportation.

The scooter-rider told cops he was scooting near N. Fourth Street and Kent Avenue at 3:15 am when the three scalawags came up and punched him in the face and took his ride, then proceeded to chase after the battered man with the stolen scooter before fleeing down N. Fifth Street towards Kent Avenue.

Pier punch

A fiend punched a guy as he was sitting on a Northside Pier bench and ran off with his cellphone on Sept. 16.

The victim was sitting on a bench near N. Sixth Street at 3:30 am when the ruffian came up and started punching him, wanting him to get off the bench, cops said.

The perp then grabbed the guy’s cellphone and ran down N. Sixth Street, where cops said he may have entered a deli between Berry Street and Bedford Avenue.

— Allegra Hobbs