Cops: Fleeing suspect opens fire on police

90th Precinct


Suspect shot

A man driving a stole car down Havemeyer Street on Oct. 11 opened fire on police officers when he realized he was surrounded, say police who charged the man with attempted homicide.

Police say they were chasing the suspect at 11:30 pm when he jumped out of the car and ran toward Division Avenue and S. Ninth Street.

When the 29-year-old man realized he was surrounded by police, he opened fire, so police shot back, striking the man several times, reported officials. He was taken to Woodhull Hospital, and is expected to survive his wounds.

iPad scheme

A thief stole two iPads from a Radio Shack on Graham Avenue on Oct. 13 — and flashed a black handgun at an employee.

The victim told police the crook entered the store at 2:22 om and asked if he had any of the new iPad. The clerk brought some out and the customer put them in his briefcase, saying “I just want to see if they fit.” He then asked for two cases for the gadgets, which he also put in his bag when the clerk presented them. At that point, he opened his coat to show the firearm, police said.

“I’m not trying to hurt anybody. Back off!” he said, and ran out of the store. The total value of the stolen goods is $1,279.

Bad argument

A man punched his cousin in the face after an argument in an apartment on Scholes Street on Oct. 8 — and helped himself to his unconscious kin’s cash.

The victim said he was arguing with his cousin in the abode between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street at 1 am when the brute suddenly punched him in the face, knocking him out. After waking up sometime later the victim told police he remembered his cousin going into his pockets, and later found $20 and keys missing.

Jogger robbed

Police arrested two teens who they say attacked and robbed a jogger on the Williamsburg Bridge footpath on Oct. 8.

The victim told cops he was on the path between Roebling Street and Driggs Avenue at 7:25 pm when someone knocked him to the ground, kicked him in the face, and stole his iPhone. Police arrested a 14 and 16 year old and charged them with robbery.

MetroCard grabbed

Someone stole a 15-year-old boy’s MetroCard on Grand Street on Oct. 5.

The teen told police he was near Bushwick Avenue at 3:30 pm when someone came up behind him, put his hand in his pocket, and snatched his transit pass.


A crook stole several gadgets — worth $970 all together — from a S. Fourth Street apartment on Oct. 7.

The victim said she returned to her home between Havemeyer and Roebling streets at 11 pm and found someone broke in through her bedroom window, which is accessible from the roof of the adjoining building, and stole her MacBook laptop, iPod, and Shuffle iPod.

Purse snatched

Two bike-riding boys grabbed a woman’s purse on Harrison Avenue on Oct. 9 — getting away with $1,150 in cash inside the bag.

The victim said she was near Wallabout Street at 1:50 pm when she realized two boys were following her on a red bicycle. They snatched the bag — valued at more than $800 — and and rode off toward Flushing Avenue, police reported.

Knife to meet you

A knife-wielding fiend threatened a man on Moore Street on Oct. 10, then grabbed the man’s wallet and fled.

The victim said he was on between White and Bogart streets at midnight on his way home when the villain pointed a kitchen knife at him and said, “Give me your wallet, give me everything.”

He then grabbed the $100 wallet, which contained $50 in cash, ID, and a MetroCard.

— Danielle Furfaro