Cops: Gang of men viciously attacks straphangers

90th Precinct


Gang attacks riders

A gang of men attacked two G train riders, causing serious injuries to both, on Aug. 25, said police who arrested five suspects.

The victims told police they were riding the G train at 3:45 am when five men came up to them and asked, “F— you, what are you looking at?”

The group then attacked the two straphangers, punching one of the victims and then stomping, kicking, and punching him once he was on the floor of the train, the victims told police. The other victim helped his friend up and the two ran off the train, and got on the L train at the Lorimer Street and Metropolitan Avenue station, where the group caught up with them. They then beat both of the victims with a belt before one fell unconscious and the suspects stole his cellphone, wallet, and $50, said officials.

Police arrived at the Jefferson Street and Wyckoff Avenue L train station and arrested the five men, who were between the ages of 16 and 20. One victim had bruises on his hands, arm and face, and the other victim had a concussion, cuts and bruises to face, and knife cuts to his hands that required stitches.

He’s not good

A gunman asked a man if he was good before firing a gun at him on the landing of a Flushing Avenue apartment building, say police.

The victim told police he was on the sixth-floor landing of the building between Bushwick Avenue and Humboldt Street at 4:15 am when the gunman came up to him and said “Are you good?” before firing off one shot from a black-and-silver handgun.

A 17-year-old was later arrested and charged with attempted assault.


Two teenaged terrors shoved a 10-year-old off of his bike while he riding down Wythe Avenue on Aug. 24, leaving him without his wheels.

The kid told police he was between Division Avenue and Clymer Street at 3 pm when the two punks ran up to him and unceremoniously pushed him off of his 26-inch green-and-blue bike.

Man bloodied

A trio of savages brutally beat a man on Maujer Street on Aug. 26 — and took off with his cellphone and cash.

The victim told police he was between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue at 4:10 am when the men attacked, kicking and punching him until he had a broken leg, black eye, and a bloody mouth. They then stole his cellphone and $180 in cash.

The victim was taken to Woodhull Hospital for treatment.

iPhone snatched

A slippery sniper snatched a woman’s iPhone out of her hands while she waited for the L train at the Morgan Avenue station on Aug. 24.

The woman told police she was standing on the platform of the station near Harrison Place at 4:20 am and had just taken the phone of her pocket to check the time when the culprit ran up from out of nowhere, snatched the gadget, and scurried off.

Delivery bike stolen

A thoughtless cad rode off on a delivery man’s bike while he was dropping off food on Seigel Street on Aug. 23, leaving the man stranded with no way of finishing his work.

The man told police that he left his bike unlocked in front of a house between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street at 11:15 pm as he made a delivery. When he came back, he saw a guy ride off with his bike.

— Danielle Furfaro