Cops: Gun-wielding trio robs resident

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Three’s company

A trio of crooks held up a Bensonhurst man at the door of his Bay 38th Street apartment and ransacked his home on Sept. 27, cops say.

The victim said that two men and a woman approached him as he was entering his home between Cropsey Avenue and Shore Parkway at 4 pm and pointed a gun at him.

The threesome forced him to let them inside, then pistol-whipped him before stealing his cash, phone, medicine, and firearm.

Unholy act

A blasphemous brute tore the copper pipes off of a Bath Avenue church on Sept. 24, police report.

Caretakers at Saint Finbar’s Roman Catholic Church between Bay 19th and Bay 20th streets said that the metal desecrator took the two 30-foot lengths of valuable tubing off the outside of the building just after midnight.

No guts

A jumpy crook tried to rob a Bay Parkway bank on Sept. 28, but lost his nerve and fled, according to cops.

The teller at the Chase Bank at 85th Street said the fraidy cat bandit came in at 1:21 pm carrying a gym bag and passed her a note — then turned and ran out the door empty-handed.

Bang-up job

A thug punched a woman in the face for her purse and cellphone on Bay Parkway on Sept. 28, police report.

The victim said she was near 76th Street at 1:05 am when the goon grabbed her from behind and held a knife in her face, demanding her mobile device.

When the fiend realized the woman’s phone wasn’t in her pocket but in her pocketbook, he struck her upside the head and yanked the bag away before fleeing.

Rolling in

A bicycle-riding goon swiped a man’s cellphone on Bay 40th Street on Sept. 28, according to police.

The victim said he was near Benson Avenue and wearing his cellphone on a cord around his neck when the punk pedalled up and ripped the gadget away. The man tried to grab it back, but the crook punched him in the head and sped away.

— Will Bredderman

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