Cops: Man threatens women, steals purses

90th Precinct


Purses purloined

A man was arrested for threatening two women and stealing their pocketbooks on Berry Street in the early morning of Oct. 5.

The victims said they were between S. Third and S. Fourth Streets at 4 am when the man tried to grab their purses. When the women fought back, he pulled out a knife and threatened, “I’ll cut you. I’ll stab you,” according to police.

The women handed over their bags and the man fled. Shortly after, with the victim’s help, cops arrested a suspect who they say had the knife, plus heroin, hypodermic needles, and a pipe on him.

Footpath robbery

A teenage duo threw a man to the ground on the Williamsburg Bridge footpath and stole his iPhone and wallet on Oct. 7.

The man told police he was near S. Fifth Street and Bedford Avenue at 3:30 pm when the ruffians threw him to the ground and said, “Give us your stuff.”

He gave them his phone and wallet, which contained $40.

What kind of hat?

A crazed man attacked two teenagers on Marcy Avenue on Oct. 7 — claiming he was looking for his hat.

The 14-year-old victim told police he was near Wallabout Street at 1 am talking on his cellphone when the man grabbed the phone out of his hand, grabbed him by the shirt, and asked him for a hat. When the teen said he knew nothing about a hat, the man started strangling him, police reported.

A few minutes later, the man found a 17-year-old on the same corner and threw him against a fence, asking for the hat. That teen also said he knew nothing about the hat, and the man strangled him, too.

Both teenagers suffered pain and bruising to their necks, police said.

Attempted carjack

A knife-wielding thug threatened a cab driver and tried to steal the vehicle on Bushwick Avenue on Oct. 6 — but the cabbie fought back.

The victim told cops he picked up the dangerous fare on Dwight Street at 3 am. On the way to Bushwick Avenue, the fare put a knife to the victim’s throat and said, “Give me everything and leave the keys and get out.”

The driver parked at the corner of Bushwick Avenue and Stagg Street, got out of the car, and then punched the villain in the face. The two struggled and the thug escaped into the Williamsburg Houses.


A bully threatened a woman and stole her iPhone and $2 in cash on Varet Street on Oct. 5.

The victim said she was near Bushwick Avenue at 10:40 am when the brute demanded, “Give me everything you got or I am going to kill you.”

She handed over her smartphone and measly cash and the jerk fled.

That’s an expensive hat!

An 18-year-old man was arrested for stealing an expensive religious hat from a man on Middleton Street on Oct. 7.

The victim, a Hasidic Jewish man, said he was near Lee Avenue at 1:30 am when a man ran by and snatched his shtreimel — a religious fur hat — off of his head and ran away.

The victim gave chase, and a Shomrim patrol member also caught up and tackled the suspect at Lynch Street, recovering the hat, which is worth $4,000.

— Danielle Furfaro