Cops nab a scammer

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

No reward

A two-bit embezzler stole a woman’s billfold on May 21 and tried to reap a reward for it at the bank.

The 33-year-old Queens victim told police that she lost her wallet at a Jay Street courthouse at 6:45 pm. A day later, she received a strange call from her bank.

The thief allegedly entered a Chase Bank on Fulton Street and told a teller that he would return the woman’s property for $100. The bank called the woman, and the woman called the police.

The police called the thief, and set up a meeting, where the 47-year-old suspect was arrested.

Bank note

An outlaw robbed the Chase Bank on Court Street on May 25, after passing a note to a teller demanding cash.

A bank employee told police that the robber entered the branch at Schermerhorn Street and got in line at 11:45 am. When it was his turn at the teller window, he passed a note that said, “Give me the money. No s—t.”

The teller handed over $3,500, and the perp fled.

Free lunch

Two burglars broke into a Bond Street restaurant on May 25 and stole three laptops.

An employee at Building On Bond told police that he left the café at 2 am. When he returned hours later, he found the front door smashed open and a broken, but still full, cash register.

Closer inspection revealed that the burglars had swiped three laptops from the basement of the building near Pacific Street.

Twin thieves

Two marauders attacked a man on Remsen Street on May 23 and made off with his wallet and cellphone.

The Bronx victim told police that he was near Clinton Street at 9:55 pm when the wild duo came up from behind and pushed him to the ground.

The attackers put the man in a chokehold, grabbed $70 and his phone, and fled.

Wheel bad

A thief stole a motorcycle on Furman Street near Cadman Plaza West on May 26. The 27-year-old victim told police that he parked his 2011 BMW chopper at 2:15 pm and returned 20 minutes later to find it gone.

Short order

Five bad guys surrounded a man at the Wendy’s on Fulton Street on May 23 and one of them snatched the victim’s cellphone.

The victim told police that he was at the fast-food chain near Pearl Street at 6:30 pm, when the marauders approached him.

One crook glommed the man’s phone from his pocket, while another thief acted as a lookout. But not all the rogues escaped on time. Police arrested one 31-year-old suspect at the scene.

Phone it in

A brigand ripped the cellphone from a woman’s hand on May 26 on Hoyt Street.

The 25-year-old victim said that she was near Fulton Street at 7 pm when a stranger approached from behind and asked for the time.

Before she could answer, the thief grabbed her phone and on Bond Street.


A sneaky thief swiped the iPhone from a woman’s hand on a Bay Ridge-bound R train on May 26.

The 26-year-old woman told police that she was on the train at 12:30 am when an opportunistic stranger grabbed her phone and fled as the doors opened at Court Street.

Out of print

A bandit with braids stole a fancy camera from a DUMBO art gallery on May 27.

An employee of VII, an art space near Plymouth Street, told police that a stranger walked in at 2:45 pm and tried to strike up a conversation.

The woman left the man for a few moments, and when she returned, she saw him flee with her camera.

The crook jumped into a getaway car with her $5,000 camera and $1,700 lens.

Two-wheel steal

A thief stole an electric scooter from Atlantic Avenue on May 26. The 46-year-old victim told police that she parked the $4,000 vehicle near Third Avenue at 2 pm. When she returned two hours later, it was gone.

Someone’s lot

A thief stole an iPod and golf clubs from a car in a Jay Street garage. A 33-year-old woman told police that she parked on May 22 at 10 pm and returned three days later to discover the expensive items missing from the garage, which is between York and Front streets.

Pick four

Pickpockets nabbed at least four wallets this week:

• A pickpocket stole a woman’s wallet on Fulton and Jay streets on May 25. The victim said that a lady bumped into her at around 2 pm.

• A thief stole an employee’s wallet inside a Bond Street medical office on May 26. The victim told police that she left her billfold in an exam room at the office near Fulton Street.

• A gym rat stole a credit card and padlock from a fitness fanatic’s locker on May 28 at a crime-riddled Duffield Street gym. The 54-year-old victim told police that he put his belongings in a locker at Planet Fitness near Fulton Street at 1:30 pm and returned an hour later to find his lock and credit card gone.

• An thief stole a woman’s purse from a DUMBO office on May 23 after the 47-year-old victim left her bag and a coworker’s cellphone on a counter at 2 pm.

— Kate Briquelet