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Cops: Suspect beats man with plank

90th Precinct


Assault by boardom

A man was taken into custody after assaulting another man with a large piece of wood on Seigel Street on June 24.

The victim said he was near Graham Avenue at 11 pm when the suspect hit him with the slab, causing the victim to bleed from the head and need two stitches, while remaining afraid of further injury.

The suspect faces assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Need a TV?

Police arrested a man who they say stole a TV monitor from a maintenance room on Flushing Avenue on June 10.

The informer said he was in the building near Humboldt Street at 8:40 pm when he saw the maintenance room’s door opened and unlocked — and discovered the missing TV and the surveillance system damaged beyond repair.

Surveillance video revealed the suspect, along with others, entering the room various times during a 10-minute span to remove the TV before the video went black, cops said.

The suspect is the custodian of the building, but did not have permission or authority to be on the premises at the time, police reported.

Group assault

A woman was arrested this week in connection of a group beating of another lady on White Street on May 31.

The victim told police she was near McKibbin Street at 4:50 pm when she was surrounded by a group of people, including the suspect. The group allegedly roughed up the victim, leaving her with lacerations on her face and lip.

The defendant faces assault and harassment charges.

— Scott Hansen

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