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Cops: Teens roughed up kid and stole his sneakers

94th Precinct


Sneaking away

Cops cuffed a pair of teenagers who they say robbed another teen of several pair of sneakers — instead of buying them as they said they would — on Manhattan Avenue on July 4.

The 15-year-old victim told police that he set up a meeting with one of the teens to sell him some sneakers. He met him between Calyer Street and Greenpoint Avenue at 12:30 pm, and when he got there, his connection lured him to a secluded spot and he and another guy started punching and kicking the victim, cops said.

The victim fell to the ground, and the suspects pulled the sneakers off of his feet and then grabbed three more pairs of Air Jordans that were in his backpack, according to the police report. They also allegedly took the victim’s smartphone.

Police recovered all the stolen items and charged the duo with robbery.

Phoning it in

A pair of quick thieves stole a handful of smartphones from a Manhattan Avenue store on July 2, police said.

The owner of the store told police that the two thieves entered the store between Java and India streets at 10:30 am. They grabbed a handful phones out of the display case, shoved a clerk, and then ran, according to a report.

The store has cameras, but police have not been able to access them because the owner has not been there.

Attack and run

Sneaky pugilists attacked a victim on Bedford Avenue on July 4 as he was headed to the train station.

The victim told police he was between N. Eighth and N. Seventh streets at 4:45 am on his way to the L train when two yahoos ran up and hit him on the head with a blunt object, cutting the victim’s head.

The suspects reportedly ran down N. Seventh streets and did not take anything from the victim. Emergency services took the victim, who cops say was drunk at the time, to Woodhull Medical Center.

Opposite of Santa Claus

A pair of scheming scoundrels snuck into a Bayard Street building on June 23 and stole a package awaiting its owner’s return from work.

The victim told police that she was at work at 11:30 am when she received an e-mail notifying her that a bolt of foam that she had ordered had arrived at her building between Lorimer and Leonard streets.

When she got home at 8 pm, the package wasn’t there. She told cops she asked the landlord, who found a video showing two guys waiting to sneak in past two locked doors. The video reportedly shows someone letting them in, and the conniving crooks stealing the package. They then jumped into a white van parked outside the building and drove away, cops said.

No shelter

Someone broke into a man’s room at his Clay Street shelter on June 11 and stole his watch, checks, and hair dryer.

The victim told police that he was staying at the rehab shelter between Franklin and Manhattan avenues with his girlfriend.

He left his room at 8:30 am and when he back at 5:20 pm, he found his door pried open and his belongings missing.

Under the wire

Police arrested a man for breaking into a Morgan Avenue apartment that was under construction and stealing copper cables on June 28.

The owner of the building told police that he saw the suspect crawl under a fence and take the cables at 8:47 am. Police arrested him and charged with grand larceny.

— Danielle Furfaro

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