Cops: We have the C train knifeman!

Cops say they’ve nabbed a knife-wielding thug suspected of holding up at least four women in separate incidents at subway stations in Fort Greene.

The blade-flashing cretin was caught on Nov. 3 after robbing a woman’s cellphone and wallet in the G train Clinton-Washington Station.

The victim told cops she was walking towards the train platform at around 11:40 pm when the jerk approached her, grabbed her hair, pulled out his knife and said, “Give me your cellphone, give me your wallet, don’t scream!” The victim complied, but Officer Peter Segerdahl soon slapped the cuffs on the 25-year-old suspect, Koshawn Robinson.

“It’s a good chance he was the guy committing the robberies with a knife,” said a police source. “There was a pattern, and we think he was responsible.”

The pattern began last week when three women were robbed in the nearby C train Clinton-Washington station:

• First, the vicious attacker forced a 22-year-old to hand over her wallet on Oct. 26.

The victim said she noticed the thief sitting at the base of the stairs as she descended into the station at Lafayette and Washington avenues at 5:50 pm. A moment later, the thief was on her, trapping her in the turnstile with a knife in his hand.

• The next day, the brute palmed the back of a 53-year-old woman’s head inside the station during a furious exchange at around 7 pm.

The thief grabbed the woman and shoved her head down while he ripped her handbag off her shoulder.

• Then — in a nearly identical incident — the thief pulled a knife on a 28-year-old woman on Oct. 29.

The woman entered the station at 9:40 pm. The goon grabbed her at the turnstile and held his knife to her face as he took her property.

If Robinson proves to be the perp in all four incidents, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill straphangers can rest a little easier.

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