Coronavirus count: Case numbers near 100,000 across the city, death toll over 5,000

REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz

The curve may be flattening, but the number of coronavirus cases across New York City continue to mount.

In its report as of 10:15 am April 10, the city Department of Health announced that the case total increased to 93,414 citywide; the first New York City coronavirus case was reported back on March 2. The case number was up 5,689 from the 87,725 case count that the Health Department reported at 5 pm April 9. 

The death toll also rose Friday morning to 5,065, an increase of 287 from the 4,778 total fatalities  reported Thursday afternoon.

Three of the five boroughs now have more than 20,000 coronavirus cases and over 1,000 deaths each, according to the Friday morning update.

Queens continues to lead the city in overall infections and deaths with 29,409 cases and 1,653 deaths, followed by Brooklyn with 24,635 cases and 1,381 deaths, the Bronx with 20,265 cases and 1,185 deaths, Manhattan with 12,088 cases and 585 deaths, and Staten Island with 6,979 cases and 260 deaths.

At least 21,571 people have been hospitalized with coronavirus since the crisis began, the Health Department noted.

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