Courier-Life creates a good website (finally)

Courier-Life creates a good website (finally)

You ready for this? Our “friends” at the Courier-Life division of the Community Newspaper Group have launched a new website, BrooklynDaily.com — and they’re calling it the most powerful name in local news.

Well, we here at BrooklynPaper.com, also a division of Community Newspaper Group, take exception to that; we’re the most powerful name in local news — but even we know a good thing when we see one.

This BrooklynDaily.com is the real deal: It includes hyper-local news, entertainment, events, listings and classifieds that can now be accessed from your computer, smartphone or iPad.

It’s a far cry from Courier-Life’s old website, YourNabe.com (remember that one? P’ew!).

In the first two days of posting, BrooklynDaily.com has already shown that it’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. On Monday, reporter Dan MacLeod showed off his cherry-pit–spitting “talents” in an exclusive video of his loss to the Brooklyn champ. And reporter Thomas Tracy had a great story about hookers, cocaine and a man claiming not to know anything about it (isn’t it always the case).

Editor Vince DiMiceli, a former Brooklyn Paper colleague who is now a rival, promises more videos, photo slide shows, comments from fellow readers, and up-to-the-minute updates throughout the day.

“This thing is a juggernaut,” he told BrooklynPaper.com in an exclusive interview.

So bookmark BrooklynDaily.com. It may not be the most “powerful” name in news, but it’s damn good.