Court Street Regal Cinema permanently closes

The now-closed Court Street Regal Cinema.
Photo by Aidan Graham

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The Court Street Regal Cinema has permanently closed after more than two decades, leaving nostalgic Brooklynites devastated at the loss of the quasi-historic movie house.  

Former Brooklyn Paper scribe Ben Verde, who described himself simply as a “devastated moviegoer,” shared on social media that he would “physically chain [himself] to the doors” of the defunct screening emporium to prevent its demise. 

Others simply took the opportunity of the theater’s closing to share fond memories of seeing films at the time-honored location. 

Despite the outpouring of support, the Regal chain had shuttered the Downtown Brooklyn location at the intersection of State Street, posting signage on the doors to alert neighbors about the closure. 

Regal Cinemas did not respond to a request for comment, and it is not immediately clear what the future of the Court Street building holds. 

Through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, movie theaters have been struggling to attract customers, as viewers continue to fear the virus, and movie studios have either pushed back big box office releases, or opted to offer them on streaming services.

Newly-inaugurated Councilmember Lincoln Restler, who represents Downtown Brooklyn, shared his thoughts on Twitter while commemorating his past experiences at the theater.

“Pour one out for Regal Cinemas / United Artists Court Street 12. The moving van has arrived. Today’s screenings will be the last,” he wrote. “It was a good 20+ year run since they opened back when I was in HS. For the shouting back at action movie experience — there was no place better!”