Crack dealer — yes, a crack dealer — collared

77th Precinct

Prospect Heights

Upper downer

Cops nabbed a crack dealer on Bergen Street on Dec. 8.

Police said that the suspect was near Classon Avenue at around 10:30 am when they arrested him in possession of the rock form of cocaine.

Tom Tom no

A crook stole a navigation system from car on Eastern Parkway overnight on Dec. 6.

The victim parked between Classon and Underhill avenues at around 6:50 pm and returned early the next morning to find her window smashed and her $300 Tom Tom taken. The thief also got $50, CDs and a charger for the navigational device, cops said.

Fire escaped

A burglar made off with more than $1,000 worth of property from a St. Johns place apartment on Dec. 9, using the fire escape to get in.

The victim left her apartment between Classon and Underhill avenues at 7:30 am and returned hours later to find that the crook had climbed the building’s fire escape and entered the apartment to take a laptop, necklace, Playstation 3 gaming system, a digital camera and video games.

— Colin Mixson