Cracked Avenue U sidewalk is the pits!

It’s “pathetic” that the city has yet to fix sidewalks destroyed during a nor’easter two months ago, Mill Basin residents say.

The sidewalk on Avenue U between Pearson and East 57th streets was smashed into tiny pieces when a tree fell during the March storm. The section is dangerous for senior citizens and impossible for people in wheelchairs to cross, neighbors say.

“Somebody can break their neck,” said Jeffrey Sacks, who lives around the corner from the broken patch. “The sidewalks are so broken up it’s pathetic. The city has to do something.”

The city is finally ready to take action.

The Parks Department has already removed the cracked tree stump and in two weeks, the Department of Transportation will begin to repair sidewalks damaged during the nor’easter, according to an agency spokesperson.

More than 550 trees in Brooklyn fell during the storm.