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Craigslist aids and abets another crime

iPhone stick

A perp ordered an iPhone from a Williamsburg man through Craigslist, but decided to steal 10 of them from him in person on April 10.

The perp contacted his victim through the Internet to express his interest in a new phone and later drove him to his Bushwick Avenue apartment from Manhattan with an accomplice.

When the victim brought the phones downstairs at 2:30 am, the perp pulled out a gun and pulled the bag from his hands.

He and his accomplice fled down Bushwick Place in their car, leaving his victim stunned.

Bike bash

A man punched his victim in the head with a bike lock and cut his finger with a pocket knife inside his Metropolitan Avenue apartment on April 5.

The victim told police that the perp, who knew the victim’s roommate, attacked him at 8 am, cutting his right finger and bashing his head in before leaving on a bicycle down Morgan Avenue.

Schoolhouse rock

Three teenage perps robbed a 13-year-old boy of his iPod on Lorimer Street on April 8.

The boy was walking home with three friends from school at 3:20 pm, when three perps approached him.

One cornered him against a wall, another said, “I don’t want to hurt you — give me your stuff,” and the third took the phone out of his pocket, before they all fled down Union Avenue.

— Aaron Short

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