Craigslist caper

Craigslist caper

Some jerk stole a MacBook from a Bay Ridge Avenue home on Jan. 23, right after telling the pricey laptop’s owner that he wanted to buy the Apple product.

The victim told cops that he posted an ad for his MacBook on Craigslist. The would-be perp contacted him and went to his apartment, which is between Fifth and Sixth avenues, at about 2:30 pm. But the deal negotiations went awry, so the perp grabbed the Macbook and ran out of the house.

Window pain

Someone stole an expensive piece of jewelry from an Eighth Avenue apartment on Jan. 19.

The victim told cops that she left her pad, which is between Bay Ridge Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway, at 7:30 am and returned three hours later to find her bedroom window open and her $200 chain necklace gone.

Cash grab

A thief made off with $17,500 and jewelry from a 79th Street apartment overnight on Jan. 19.

Cops say that there were no signs of forced entry, but the burglar managed to take the cash, a necklace and earrings from the home, which is between Sixth Avenue and Gatling Place.

Not so super

Two thugs stole a purse from a woman after she finished shopping at Three Guys From Brooklyn on Fort Hamilton Parkway on Jan. 17.

The victim told cops that she was in front of the grocery store, which is between 65th and 66th streets around noon when two dudes came up behind her, grabbed her purse and ran away. The bag contained cash and cards.

Century city

A sticky-fingered bandit stole a handbag at the Century 21 on 86th Street on Jan. 22.

The victim told cops that she placed her bag on a shelf for 10 minutes while browsing the store, which is between Fourth and Fifth avenues, at around 5:30 pm. Her purse, which contained her wallet and make-up, was gone when she went to retrieve it.

A few hours later, her credit card company informed her that someone charged her car at two area eateries: Kebab Factory and Omiya Sushi, both on Fourth Avenue.

— Alex Rush