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Crew cuts man on Frost Street

94th Precinct


Frost-y reception

A crew of toughs stabbed a man as he was walking down Frost Street on March 7 authorities stated.

The victim told police he was walking between Kingsland and Morgan avenues on his way to a friend’s house at 3:50 am when the posse approached him and a galoot stabbed him once in the stomach with a sharp object.

The louts did not try to steal anything and all ran off, cops said. Emergency services took the victim to Elmhurst Hospital, according to police.

Cable sly

A burglar broke into a cable company’s van parked on Paige Avenue on Feb. 28 and stole all of the tools out of it, cops said.

A company representative reported that the van was parked between McGuinness Boulevard and a dead end from 6 that night until 8:30 am the next day. When the driver arrived, he found that the tools had all been stolen but no damage had been done to the vehicle, according to a report.

Mystery visit

Two intruders broke into a Manhattan Avenue home on March 6, but didn’t take anything, according to police.

The victim said he had just arrived at his house between Skillman and Jackson streets at 6:30 pm when he saw two burglars crawl out of the back window of his first-floor apartment.

He said he had left the window locked, but that the window can be pushed open. The victim did not notice any of his property missing, cops stated.


A wily robber snatched the backpack off of a man as he was walking down N. Seventh Street on March 1, cops said.

The victim, who talked to police via a Japanese interpreter, said he was at the corner of Meeker Avenue at 11:30 pm when the thief ran up behind him and grabbed his book bag.

The robber scrammed with the Samsung galaxy phone and the rest of the knapsack’s contents in tow, a report says.

— Danielle Furfaro

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