Crook breaks car door handle and takes man’s tool

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Tool thief

A thief stole tools from a guy’s car parked on Navy Street on Jan. 4, police said.

The victim told cops he left his commercial four-wheeler near Myrtle Avenue at about 10 am and when he returned to it at about 11:30 am, noticed some sneak had broken the door handle and took out his grinder power tool, according to authorities.

New Year’s louse

Some good-for-nothing swiped a woman’s wallet and ring on Flatbush Avenue Extension on New Year’s Eve, police said.

The victim told cops she put her bag on the ground near Fulton Street about five minutes before midnight when the sneak reached in and took her wedding band and wallet with her insurance card and credits card inside it, according to authorities.

Car cur

A punk stole a woman’s bag from her car parked on DeKalb Avenue on Jan. 5, police said.

The victim told cops she had parked her car with an attached U-Haul near Hudson Avenue at about 1:30 pm and when she returned to it about two hours later saw the sneak had grabbed her bag with her iPhone, wallet, prescriptions drugs, and sunglasses inside it. The woman told police she may have forgotten to lock the doors, according to authorities.

Dude, where’s my bike?

A baddie rode off with a guy’s motorcycle parked inside a Clinton Avenue garage on Jan. 4, police said.

The guy told cops he had left his ride, a 2015 BMW, inside the parking lot near Greene Avenue at about 7 am and when he went to go pick it up at about 7:15 pm, it was gone, according to authorities.

— Julianne Cuba