DCIC Business Institute: prepare for success

Is this the year you’ll find success in the business world?

Don’t leave it to chance. Get prepared at the DCIC Business Institute (1712 Kings Highway, 718-382-4424).

In this tough job market, you need to stand out from the rest. DCIC Business Institute prepares you by providing you with the skills you need.

Not sure if you can survive the job interview? Get help at interview workshops the school offers. Don’t know if your resume follows an acceptable format, or that it highlights your assets? Attend a resume workshop.

DCIC Business Institute provides both theoretical understanding and practical business skills with programs that are open to all qualified students. They offer courses that train you for careers that are in demand. These include Dental Office Specialist, Hospitality Management, Office Clerk, Computerized Bookkeeping, and Administrative Assistant. Because they work closely with employers as well as students, they know the labor market, and can fine-tune the curriculum to provide the best possible training.

For example, the Dental Office Specialist Program teaches students how to manage the front office; schedule and greet patients; handle billing and insurance claims; and learn software programs such as MS Windows XP, MS Word XP, and MS Excel. Students learn how to deal with challenging situations, manage records, and gain knowledge of financial policies. They learn dental terminology, become familiar with medical insurance, and learn how to process claims both manually and electronically. All of these skills are essential to the job, and there are internships with doctors in the area.

Likewise, those who study Hospitality Management, learn about issues related to restaurants, hotels, beverage operations, casinos, entertainment centers, and cruise lines. They learn about lodging, travel and tourism, and hospitality law. They, too, learn the latest computer skills, including how to make Power Point presentations.

They learn Business English, so they can communicate effectively.

Internships in these fields are also available.

Administrative Assistants learn how to provide clerical support to CEO’s and upper management. This includes managing calendars, coordinating events and conferences, composing letters and memos, and using computer programs to write correspondence, maintain databases, prepare spreadsheets, and research on the internet. This training prepares students for occupations that include secretarial positions, receptionists, office clerks, library technicians, and other front desk jobs. Internships are also available for those who qualify.

“Our latest placement evaluation report states we meet a very high placement ratio for assisting our students with jobs,” says one of the agents for the school.

But it’s not just about meeting the needs of the market; students have to be satisfied, too. Part of the assessment process includes interviewing students to determine their employment needs and desires. Then, informal forums are held on campus to foster student/employer contact.

Top firms throughout the world “welcome DCIC graduates,” says an agent. “We hear it time and again.” This may be because many of the graduates are “more committed, more dedicated, and more willing to stay and grow within a company.”

If English isn’t your first language, don’t feel intimidated. Note that “Our experienced bilingual staff works as a team to ensure top-level service.” In fact, being bilingual in the business world can be a tremendous asset in our multi-cultural world.

“Individuals with special needs and disability, as well as those who, for any reason, are experiencing difficulty acquiring and maintaining satisfying and rewarding work in today’s marketplace, are welcome in our school,” says a representative. “Our mission is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of today’s competitive job market.”

Students receive guidance, individual advice, and “unlimited tutorials.”

If you’re ready to make the commitment to receive the training for the career you’ve always wanted, contact the DCIC Business Institute today. Additional information may be found at the website, www.dcicusa.com.