Dine and dash: New Sheepshead Bay sushi joint gives patrons only 30 minutes to eat!

Open for business: A news sushi restaurant, serving customers 30 minutes at a time, has opened on Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay.
Sushi by Bou

It’s the fast food of the sea!

A Manhattan sushi chain that allows patrons only 30 minutes to eat opened its first Kings County outpost on Sheepshead Bay’s Emmons Avenue on May 30.

Guests at Sushi by Bou pay a flat $50 fee to spend a half-hour devouring 12 individual pieces of omakase — a Japanse word meaning “I’ll leave it up to you,” which in this case boils down to whatever the chef is serving that night.

And if that sounds un-American to you — it’s supposed to, according to the eatery’s owner, who said the Sushi by Bou experience is straight out of Japan!

“In Japan, most food experiences are timed to allow people to properly schedule their day,” said Michael Sinensky. “So, we wanted to copy what they do in Tokyo, and offer an amazing foodie experience.”

Sinensky, who founded the chain with his partner Erika London and Chef David Bouhadana in 2017, said the restaurant’s speedy service allows the sushi-joint to serve upscale fish at bottom-feeder prices.

“The food is extremely high quality. If you had the same experience at a different sushi restaurant, it would cost $150,” he said. “But, because we can turn it around quickly, we can get enough people in to meet our financial demands.”

The restaurant — located at 1811 Emmons Avenue between Sheepshead Bay Road and E. 19th Street — features eight seats split between eight patrons each per night, meaning the eatery can serve exactly 64 customers daily.

And just because your 30 minutes are up, doesn’t mean Sinensky and staff will kick you to the curb — the restaurateur invites his patrons to down a drink at Sushi by Bou’s bar by the sea, which is stocked with some of Japan’s finest spirits.

“We tell people to arrive early, and stay late,” said Sinensky.

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