Dolphin Spotted in Newtown Creek

Dolphin Spotted in Newtown Creek
A dolphin was spotted in Newtown Creek this week.

Dolphins may be among the smartest mammals in the animal kingdom, but how exactly did one end up in Newtown Creek?

That’s the question on the minds of environmental activists Wednesday morning, as a teacher from The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School reported a dolphin sighting in one of the state’s most polluted waterways.

“It’s heartbreaking to see such a beautiful creature in such terribly polluted water,” stated John Lipscomb, Riverkeeper Patrol Boat Operator, whose organization reported the sighting to the Coast Guard.

“A few years ago, we saw a whale in the Gowanus Canal. Sadly and typically, when these mammals come into urban inland waterways, it’s because there is an underlying illness and the outcome is not a good one. We hope this dolphin finds its way out.”

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