Donovan whacked by both sides over ‘hateful’ mailer

Critics across the aisle are blasting the Bay Ridge congressman for hitting peoples’ doorsteps with what they charge is offensive anti-immigration propaganda just to win some votes in a contentious Republican primary election that has President Trump and his controversial policies at its center.

“We need new leaders who campaign on hope and ideas, not fear and hate,” Army veteran Max Rose, a Democrat running to unseat Rep. Dan Donovan (R–Bay Ridge), wrote on Twitter. “[Donovan] thinks this kind of hateful imagery will win him an election in #NY11. He couldn’t be more wrong.”

Donovan sent out hundreds of mailers this week to voters across his Ridge-to-Rock district week that read: “Build the Wall. Enforce the Law — Only Unwavering Law and Order will Defeat Illegal Immigration.”

The mailer displays a police shield stamped with a graphic of a family with a young child holding hands, seemingly running across a United States border, and a red X striking through it.

The graphic is a replica, sans the red X, of the government’s cautionary traffic signs near border-crossings — the last of which recently came down in California — according to Donovan’s campaign spokeswoman, who said officials were forced to erect the signs to warn motorists of people crossing the border.

“The graphic is an exact replica of the government’s warning border-crossing signs,” said Jessica Proud. “Years of illegal border crossings became so prolific they needed road signs urging caution.”

Proud wouldn’t comment on how many mailers were sent out, how much they cost, or if all homes in the district got one, but confirmed they were paid for from his campaign war chest.

Some constituents on social media allegedly heard through a rep in Donovan’s office that the mailers that were sent out were somehow the result of a printing error, but sent out anyway — but when reached for comment, neither his district office or campaign would comment.

But regardless of any design error, the mailers are out there — boasting Donovan’s own blonde, smiling family on the front, juxtaposed with crossed-out migrant family on the back — which one Bay Ridge voter called a clear and reprehensible message that he cares only about helping families like his own.

“Most of the women and children come here feeling violence. To him, keeping our families safe means throwing other families under the bus,” said Mallory McMahon of the group Fight Back Bay Ridge. “It’s clear inhumanity that his image was ever even considered.”

And even Donovan’s primary challenger — a convicted felon who is running to take back his old seat — condemned the incumbent and his campaign snail mail for fearmongering, saying it falsely portrays Donovan’s record on border security.

“To compensate for his record supporting amnesty and Sanctuary Cities, Dan Donovan has now decided to make a mockery of President Trump’s common-sense policies. When Republicans advocate for building the Wall or cracking down on illegal immigration, we’re not doing it out of racism or hatred — we do it out of a concern for our national security and a desire to have secure, sovereign borders,” he said. “Donovan’s desperate, hypocritical messaging makes him look ridiculous while playing into the Left’s worst stereotypes of the America First agenda President Trump and I believe in.”

Just last week, Trump boosted Donovan’s re-election bid when he threw his support behind him over his primary challenger — but a new NY1 poll puts the one-time representative ahead of the incumbent by 10 points.

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A Bay Ridge state pol and former cop is defending his honor after critics questioned all the cash he rakes in through his taxpayer-funded disability pension following images of him skydiving came to light last month.

State Sen. Marty Golden (R–Bay Ridge) has collected more than $1 million from the police department’s pension fund since 1983 — back when he was still one of New York’s Finest and hurt his knee on the job, according to the Daily News, which first reported the story.

Golden hopped out of a plane on Memorial Day to raise money for veterans, which left some people scratching their heads if he still deserves the money if he’s active enough to skydive.

But Golden fired back, calling out his opponents for making light of his fund-raising stunt to help veterans.

“Who knew that fund-raising for veterans would attract such criticism? After ten years as a decorated NYC police officer, I was seriously injured in the course of duty — hit by a car while making a drug arrest,” said Golden in a statement.” I’m proud of having raised $5,000 for vets doing this tandem jump, which safely put no stress on my injuries.”

The union representing police officers also had Golden’s back, charging it was a lowbrow attack to gain political points.

“This is an attempt to score cheap political points on the backs of injured cops,” said the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association on Twitter. “Few people have stood up for cops over the years more than (Golden). His opponents don’t know much about government — if they did, they would know that benefits are closely monitored, and that those who are fit for police duty are routinely forced back on the job.”

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