Downtown wireless: Saving grace or major waste?

Michael Hetteit, Bay Ridge

"I think it’s a good idea. I don’t come here that often, so I don’t know if I’ll use it. But it will be good for business, good for people who come to area a lot."

Photo by Jason Speakman

The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership launched a free Downtown wifi network this week. The scheme is part of larger plan to bring internet access to people living and working Downtown. The idea is to make the area more enticing to tech companies, but also to give shoppers, students, and workers high-speed access on their breaks.

Mel Williams, East New York

“Probably not. I’m always on the go, plus I work around here, so probably not.”

Photo by Jason Speakman

We hit the streets to ask the obvious question of a service that will primarily be available on Downtown’s sidewalks, where few laptops are in use but many internet-enabled cellphones are on display: “Will you use the new wireless network?”

Randy Kearse, Fort Greene

“I’ll use it if I’m in the area. It’s nice that it’s free and I won’t have to pay for something in an establishment to use the wifi.

Anything free is good.”

Photo by Jason Speakman

— Matthew Perlman

Laura Perez, Bushwick

“I hear about phone companies taking away a lot of privileges, so it’s good. But I have unlimited data, so I probably won’t use it.”

Photo by Jason Speakman

Damian Lewis, East New York

“You need wifi. I won’t really use it much, but my friends and brothers will.”

Photo by Jason Speakman

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