Drink up: Where to get cocktails delivered on election night


This year has been many things, and tonight’s election is frankly going to stay pretty much on theme.

While we are not saying to go out and drink your troubles away, we are realists who know that if 2020 has been a year (raise your hand), you may need a drink or two this evening. We understand, and since we can’t tell you which bars to hop to, we’re sharing some of our sister publication New York Family’s favorite places to order in a cocktail (or two)….just in case.

Five Leaves – Greenpoint/Williamsburg

This popular corner eatery of American food with an Aussie flair takes its drinks pretty seriously, and one sip in, you’ll see why. Order the ‘Negroni’ Bottled 8oz The Classic. Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth $23 for 80z, $45 for 16 oz. Want a more ‘fun’ drink? Try the Frozen Watermelon with tequila and lime 12 oz, $12. The Frozen Dark n Stormy is 16oz  of fresh ginger, lime & rum with a Goslings dark Rum float may be the adult version of a root beer float $16.

Oxomoco – Greenpoint

This Michelin star restaurant is delivering a limited menu and a few of their signature drinks. Order the Flama Blanca, which serves two drinks of Mezcal, Cocchi Americano, dry vermouth 80z, $28. The Beyond Flight is 1 oz of flor del desierto sotol, estancia raicilla, fabriquero sotol, not tequila, not mezcal! These concoctions are true drinks of Mexico made for centuries $22.

Fette Sau – Williamsburg

This delicious barbeque spot also serves up some amazing drinks. The bloody mary is a House-made- spicy that has just the right touch of spicy; we like that it isn’t delivered with ice, so it is still tasty by the time it hits your door 12 oz $12. Another popular drink is the Kentucky Sweet Tea of Legend 90pf bourbon, lemon, and Joe’s Sweet tea 12oz, $14.

Ox Tavern – Flatbush

This cozy pub takes traditional flare and serves them up with a bit of a twist. Order up the Son of a Bee Sting Lemon, honey, ginger, and gin $12 or the delish Mango Margarita $10.


If the election has you on the edge of your seat (we all know this will happen) and you’d rather mix your own drinks or order a bottle of wine, then the Drizly app is the way to go. Drizly partners with local liquor retailers to deliver beer, wine, and liquor right to your apartment. What more could you want on election night?