Drinks on the White House! Election–themed cocktails please partisan pub-goers

Drinks on the White House! Election–themed cocktails please partisan pub-goers
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Never talk politics at a bar — just let the color of your drink speak for itself.

Brooklyn bartenders are serving up a slew of election-themed cocktails — some of them red or blue nods to party affiliation — to celebrate the upcoming presidential race.

At Galapagos Art Space, which is hosting an election-night bash, you can spot a republican by the stain on his tongue.

The venue’s “Red Elephant” — a vodka-sprite-and-grenadine cocktail — is the right-wing alternative to the “Blue Donkey,” a vodka-sprite-and-grenadine-based concoction ($10).

“People tend to stick to their party color — so, you can imagine, we don’t sell too many Red Elephants around here,” said bar manager Todd Fisher.

Other bars are serving cocktails named after campaign buzz words, like Pacific Standard’s “The 47 Percent,” a vodka-soda-and-elderflower concoction that pokes fun at Mitt Romney’s campaign dinner slip-up speech.

Co-owner Jon Stan said the drink is a tasty way to get bar-goers pumped-up for Nov. 6 — a night that’s historically packed with democrats at the low-key Park Slope bar.

“We wanted to do something fun — and election night is one of the biggest crowds we get,” Stan said.

Other bars are pouring less controversial treats such as Madiba’s “Obama Mama,” a tasty potion of rum, cranberry, guava and lime ($10) in Fort Greene.

And Mo’s bar in Fort Greene is celebrating with geographic- shout-out drinks such as “The Blue Hawaiian,” a nod to Obama’s home state, which you’ll find alongside the “Cape Codder,” ($6), a vodka-and-cranberry nod to Mitt Romney’s roots in Massachusetts — where “Red Elephants” are not exactly selling like hotcakes either.

Galagapos Art Space [16 Main St. (718) 222–8500], Pacific Standard [82 Fourth Ave. (718) 859–1951], Madiba [195 Dekalb Ave. (718) 855–9190], Mo’s [80 Lafayette Ave. (718) 797–2849].

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