Dyker Heights car crash leaves cyclist in critical condition

Dyker Heights car crash leaves cyclist in critical condition
Photo by Steve Solomonson

It was a bloody Sunday in Dyker Heights.

A driver collided with a bike near the corner of 64th Street and 11th Avenue on May 11, leaving the cyclist on the brink of death.

Authorities said they arrived on the scene at 1:30 pm, and discovered the 37-year-old pedaler the ground with severe body trauma. An ambulance transported the man to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses described a gory scene, with the man bleeding profusely in the street.

“His face was all bloody, and it really struck me all the blood that was on the floor,” said Tiffany Smith, who lives nearby. Smith added that the man appeared to be conscious, but unable to move.

Police believe that the cyclist was pedaling down 11th Avenue in the direction of Borough Park, while the driver was headed west along 64th Street toward Bensonhurst. No summonses have yet been issued, but an investigation into the exact cause of the crash is underway, police said.

Smith, who did not witness the crash but only its aftermath, said that a large part of the car’s windshield was shattered, and the passenger side mirror was sheared off. The 14-year resident added that such incidents are uncommon on the block.

“It never really happened over here before,” said Smith.

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