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Empty crime

Crooks bored a hole into the roof of a Richardson Street warehouse on April 29, but they didn’t steal anything.

The would-be robbers struck at some time between midnight and 4:30 am, using a sledgehammer to bash a hole in the roof of the building, which is between Morgan and Debevoise avenues. But once they opened the hole, the sledgehammer fell into the warehouse and the crooks fled.

Civic duty

Thieves stole a Honda Civic from its spot on North Eighth Street on April 28, while the car’s owner visited Manhattan.

The crooks snatched the silver 2007 sedan from a space near Berry Street at some time between noon and 6 pm, escaping with the $22,000 car.

Illegal Eagle

A group of thugs mugged a Greenpoint woman as she walked home on May 4, slugging her on the head before snatching her dough.

The thugs approached the woman from behind between on Eagle Street between Manhattan Avenue and Franklin Street at around 4:50 am, hitting her with an unknown object and snatching as much money as they could grab from her purse.

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