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Explore the diverse, eclectic communities of Brooklyn

The iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street in Dumbo.

There’s never been a better time to explore Brooklyn than now. One of the largest and most culturally diverse areas in the United States, Brooklyn is home to hundreds of attractions, tourist hangouts, and must-see landmarks that are sure to create lasting memories.

Regardless of if you’re an out-of-town visitor or a long-standing resident of the community, Brooklyn has plenty of sights, sounds, and vibes that can entertain every walk of life. From upscale boutiques such as Swords-Smith to eclectic art galleries such as the Sideshow Gallery, there’s something for everybody in New York City’s most-populated borough.

If you’re exploring Brooklyn with a large group, you may be wondering how you’re going to coordinate transportation for everyone involved. To combat the issues faced when booking ride share apps or taking public transit, consider booking a private charter bus or minibus rental to accommodate your party as you explore Brooklyn.

Explore Dumbo

Formerly known as Gairville, Dumbo is one of New York City’s most well-known spots for tourism, dining, and shopping. Sandwiched between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge east of Lower Manhattan, the neighborhood’s moniker comes from its location, “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” This trendy neighborhood is within close proximity to the East River — giving visitors breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park — and is home to restaurants such as Atrium, Almar, and Superfine, offering a wide range of multicultural meals for those with a refined palate.

If you’ve got a taste for culture, you’ll be delighted to know that Dumbo has evolved into one of New York City’s premier art districts. Destinations such as St. Ann’s Warehouse, the A.I.R. Gallery, and United Photo Industries provide a glimpse into New York City’s ever-evolving visual art scene.

Unwind in Williamsburg

Known for its hipster culture and long-standing ties to the artist community, Williamsburg is a popular neighborhood on the west side of Brooklyn. With its sleek boutiques, modern cafes, and stylish restaurants, it attracts many young people seeking edgier, more trendy excursions.

Visitors in the mood for shopping can check out any one of Williamsburg’s many boutiques, including Pema, Catbird, la di da dee, or Babel Fair. For good eats, make a stop at restaurants such as Aska, Zenkichi, Win Son, or Maison Premiere to get a taste of New York City’s diverse ethnic cuisine.

From visual arts and music to theater and film, Williamsburg houses professionals in a wide range of artistic practices. Visitors that love visual arts can check out a number of popular art galleries, such as Front Room Gallery, Pierogi Gallery, the Journey Gallery, and Figureworks. For a taste of Williamsburg’s nightlife, be sure to hit bars like Velvet Brooklyn and Bembe, or hot-spot nightclubs such as TBA Brooklyn and Output.

Fun times in Bushwick

Bushwick is a community that has seen a massive overhaul in recent years. This colorful, eclectic neighborhood has become a hub for artists and young professionals alike. Graffiti art and hip, underground establishments are staples of this community, which also has its fair share of bars and new-wave establishments.

The Bushwick Collective is an outdoor gallery that celebrates the array of street art that personifies the neighborhood, while the Silent Barn is a popular location for art installations, exhibitions, and gigs, run entirely by local artists. For good food, check out spots such as Roberta’s and Bunna Cafe.

Navigate neighborhoods easily

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Johnell Gipson is a contributing writer at National Charter Bus Company.

Brownstones in Brooklyn.

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