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Fake cops

Two men posing as police officers stole $5,000 from an elderly woman after telling her she was under investigation for using counterfeit money on Feb. 11.

The two men, dressed in business attire, approached the 79-year-old woman in the lobby of her apartment building near the corner of Park Place and Bedford Avenue.

The pair introduced itself as detectives and showed the woman a gold badge — but the lies were only beginning.

After exchanging pleasantries, the men told the senior that she would have to withdraw money from her bank to prove that she was not using counterfeit money.

The phony cops then drove the woman to a bank on the corner of Flatbush and Church avenues, where she withdrew the cash and handed it over.

The men drove the woman home, but then, to add insult to their substantial injury, one of the men asked to use her bathroom.

Once concluding his business, he and his accomplice fled.


A woman attacked a man with a knife in an apartment near the corner of Albany Avenue and Prospect Place on Feb. 11.

Police said that the pair started arguing at around 8 pm, but at some point, the fight turned even uglier, and the 24-year-old woman pulled a knife and slashed her 20-year-old former friend, causing serious lacerations on his right arm and leg.

The victim was treated at Kings County Hospital. The woman fled and not been apprehended.


A 21-year-old man was literally sacked shortly after midnight on Feb. 9 right in front of a house on 71th Street.

The man had been walking between Ninth and 10th avenues when three perps approached him from behind, put him in a chokehold, and threw a bag over his head.

The crooks then rummaged through the man’s pockets, taking his iPod, cellphone, and $60 before releasing him and warning him to run in the opposite direction without looking back.

Drive-by beat

Four armed thugs jumped out of an SUV and assaulted a man along Third Avenue on Feb. 9.

Police say the 22-year-old victim was walking between 77th and 78th streets at around 3:15 am when a black Ford SUV pulled up alongside him and the perps, at least one of whom had a gun, hopped out and beat him.

The fearsome foursome then got back into the SUV and sped off. The victim suffered lacerations and was taken to Lutheran Medical Center.

Whack attack

A 49-year-old man was whacked in the back of his head by a baseball bat during a brutal robbery on the corner of Wogan Terrace and 94th Street on Feb. 5.

The perp, who had sneaked up from the man from behind at 11:15 pm, made off with $50, a cellphone, and keys.

Breakfast burgs

Breakfast-time burglars hit two Bay Ridge homes last week.

In both cases, the burglars broke in though the rear of the homes.

The first burglary took place on Feb. 5 in an apartment on Owls Head Court between 68th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue. According to the 35-year-old resident, someone broke in through the back bedroom window and stole $3,000 at around 9 am.

Three days later, a house on Ridge Boulevard between 94th and 95th streets was robbed at approximately 8:30. The thief broke in though the back door and stole a laptop, a rug, and designer bags worth $9,750.

Friendly rob

More than $3,000 worth of jewelry is missing from a Third Avenue apartment, and the victim thinks her daughter’s friend is the culprit.

The girl was left unattended in the woman’s home, which is between 73rd and 74th streets, during the afternoon of Feb. 10, when the goods went missing.

Woman robbed

A thief stole a woman’s purse as she was walking towards the corner of Fourth Avenue and 90th Street on Feb. 8.

The 58-year-old woman told cops that the thief came out of nowhere at about 10:30 am and grabbed the purse, which contained $2,000 worth of jewelry.

Raising the bar

A 72nd Street woman discovered that the security bars on her windows were no match for a determined burglar who wanted to get to the $20,000 in cash and jewelry inside.

Police say that at around 9:30 am, a crook pried the bars off the basement windows on Feb. 1 to gain entry to the house, which is located between 11th and 12th avenues.

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