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Fed up with Squadz club

A packed house wanted to know what was being done about Squadz, a local nightclub that is allegedly wreaking havock on their neighbors' quality of life.

A local nightclub is becoming a nightmare for Mill Basin residents, who called on the cops to shut “Squadz” down last week.

During Wednesday’s standing-room-only 63rd Precinct Community Council meeting, residents who live around the night spot, located at 1904 Utica Avenue, said that the revelers coming out of the club are bringing down their quality of life.

Residents who bookend the club on East 49th and East 51st Street near Avenue K complained about noise, inappropriate behavior and said that they believe that a recent spree of tire slashings could be linked to club guests.

“Something needs to be done,” said a concerned resident who wished not to give her name. “This is too much.”

While police noted the complaints, they defended the club and its owners, which they said have doing everything they can to be good neighbors.

They kind of have to with a police car parked outside their club every night, cops said.

“They’re very discreet and the owners of the club are trying to be as socially responsible as they can,” said Lt. Bob Haley of the 63rd Precinct, who said that the precinct patrols by the club at all times.

The club owners know this and try to stay on the straight and narrow, he said.

Captain Patricia McDonald, the executive officer of the 63rd Precinct, told this paper Tuesday that no incidents occurred either in or around the club over the past weekend. Still, the precinct was investigating resident complaints.

“We have done enforcement over there,” she said. “We’re always keeping our eye on them.”

According to their MySpace page, Squadz, identified as “Brooklyn’s classiest nightspot,” hosts special theme nights, such as comedy nights and ladies’ nights, every day of the week. They also have an eclectic menu.

Their message board is teeming with listings of future dance and concert events that will take place either at the club or at other city nightclubs.

When contacted, a club manager at Squadz said she had “no knowledge” of any neighborhood complaints.

While no one was on hand to defend the club Wednesday, representatives from “Life’s Brave Soldiers” — a motorcycle club who meets at the club weekly — did attend.

Dressed nattily in buttoned-down shirts and ties, club leaders wanted to make it clear that none of the shenanigans that were brought up were caused by their members.

“We can only speak for our group, but we’re not causing any problems,” said club Vice President Ralph Ostame. “I’m the last person to leave at night and when I’m gone, everyone’s gone. They all have jobs to get to in the morning.”

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