Firefighters quickly extinguish blaze in East New York home

firefighters on scene of east new york fire
Firefighters used a hose-line to knock out a bedroom fire at 973 Blake Ave. on Tuesday.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell
Firefighters quickly snubbed out a bedroom fire in a private house at 937 Blake Ave. in East New York on Tuesday morning.
Units arrived on the scene to find fire venting out of a second floor window just after 11:45 a.m. Some 65 firefighters used one hose-line to knock down the main body of fire.
firefighter in window of bath beach home
About 65 firefighters battled the blaze and were able to quickly bring it under control. Photo by Lloyd Mitchell
Searches throughout the two-story brick home proved negative, with no civilians trapped and no injuries reported. The fire was placed under control at 12:20 p.m., and firefighters tossed charred debris — including a burned mattress — onto the lawn as they ensured every bit of fire had been extinguished. 
The FDNY’s fire marshals will investigate and determine the cause of the fire. 
debris after east new york fire
Firefighters tossed burned debris out of the home after the flames were extinguished.Photo by Lloyd Mitchell
City records showed few violations attached to the Blake Avenue home, and none related to fire safety.