Flatbush Ave. store employee attacked

Flatbush Ave. follies

A thief attacked a worker at a Flatbush Avenue store on Sept. 28 during a botched raid, cops were told.

Police said the hooligan entered the store, which is located between Avenues J and K, at about 5:45 pm and attacked a worker, leaving him with injuries to his face and head.

The thief ran off empty handed after a brief struggle, police said.

Bagged on N

Two thugs jumped a man on Avenue N on Oct. 1, taking the bag the man dropped after being struck in the head.

The victim was nearing E. 65th Street just before 12:30 am when the suspects approached him from behind and hit him with a heavy object.

The victim fell to the ground, dropping his bag as he did so, police were told. The thieves grabbed the bag and ran off with it.

Cash scam

Two flimflam artists swindled $10,000 from a 78-year-old woman on Sept. 29 during a classic “found money” scam.

The senior was walking on Avenue U near E. 65th Street at 9:40 am when the charlatans approached, wanting to know if she had dropped a bag they found on the sidewalk.

The thieves claimed there was money in the bag, which they were willing to share, as long as the senior forked over some money as an act “of good faith.”

The senior fell for the ploy, giving the thieves the $10,000, but receiving nothing in return.

Stick assault

A punk attacked a 13-year-old boy with a stick on Sept. 28 during a violent exchange in a Flatbush Avenue eatery.

The victim was dining inside the restaurant, which is between Kings Highway and Flatlands Avenue, at 3:50 pm when he got into an argument with the unidentified thug.

Things quickly turned violent when the thug grabbed a stick and started swinging, leaving his victim with a small injury.

Lock breaker

A thief snapped the lock to an Avenue J home on Sept. 28, taking an assortment of pricey items.

The victim left her home, which is between E. 38th and E. 39th streets, at 7:35 am. When she returned several hours later, she realized that someone had broken the lock and ransacked the place.

Station break

Thieves snuck into a Flatbush Avenue gas station on Sept. 30, taking $250 from the office.

Workers said the thief entered the station, which is between Avenue I and E. 34th Street, sometime after 6 pm, breaking the cylinder to the front door as he did so.

Cell grab

A thug grabbed a cell phone from a 13-year-old boy on Sept. 27 during a blitzkrieg on Avenue N.

The victim was walking towards E. 70th Street at 8 pm when the thief ran by, snatching the phone from his hand.

Attacked with shovel

Three thugs hit a man with a shovel in Flatlands on Sept. 18.

The 35-year-old victim was arguing with the trio at 7:40 am on E. 48th Street between Avenues N and O when the suspects jumped him, then struck him with the tool.

Pharmacy raid

Thieves broke into the Expedite Care pharmacy on Nostrand Avenue on Sept. 14, taking $4,000.

Workers at the pharmacy, which is between Avenues H and I, said that someone ripped out an iron gate protecting a back window to get inside.

Garage goons sought

Three thieves tried to break into a Bergen Beach garage on Sept. 15, but ran off after being discovered.

A Bergen Avenue resident, who lives between Ralph Avenue and Avenue K, said he saw the thieves trying to pry open the garage door at 4:50 pm, but they ran off when they realized they were being watched.

Home swindle

He should have known — this was too good to be true.

A man told police that he was conned into paying $8,000 for an Avenue I home.

The 57-year-old victim said the con man approached him back in November, 2009, about the home, which is between Nostrand Avenue and E. 31st Street.

The victim probably thought that he was getting the house for a steal, but soon realized that this would-be realtor was the true thief, since it turned out he never had a deed to the house.

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