Flatbush Gardens: Living a good life in East Flatbush

All evidence points to the 2,496-unit,59-building complex in East Flatbush coming back in a big way since its name has changed from the notorious Vanderveer Houses three years ago.

“Back in the 1950s this was a wonderful place to live,” said JJ Bistricer, executive vice president of Clipper Equity, which bought the complex in 2005. “It was built in 1948 and was always privately owned. The initial idea was for it to be affordable housing for returning veterans from the second World War.”

Bistricer said since Clipper bought the development, they have made tremendous strides in making it safer, by instituting tight security and screening prospective tenants.

“We’ve made capital improvements both to the aesthetics and also on a physical level from mechanics of the property,” said Bistricer.

Besides the boxing club, which is for kids from the entire neighborhood, Clipper has also installed a gym and a day care center for residents and are marketing the complex as far away as bus stops in Downtown Brooklyn towards young working-class families that can’t afford the more affluent brownstone neighborhoods.

Rents star at $875 for a studio, $1,095 for a one bedroom, $1,200 for a two bedroom and $1,500 for a three bedroom.

“It’s not luxurious, but we have real nice, well done apartments that are fully renovated between tenants,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful commute, not far from the city and what we’re trying to do here with the gym is make it more agreeable to young families.”

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