For the ‘record’! ‘Men In Black’ filming takes Court Street back in time

For the ‘record’! ‘Men In Black’ filming takes Court Street back in time
Photo by Tom Callan

By Alex Rush

The “Men in Black III” crew brought its retro set to Brooklyn yet again on Friday, this time with a fleet of 1960s-era cars cruising down Court Street in Cobble Hill.

A dozen vintage muscle cars lined up between Joralemon and State streets, ready to provide a backdrop for action-packed period scenes set 40 years ago. Unlike the first two “MIB” films, this time the alien-fighting secret agents, played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, travel back in time to save the world.

In addition to the classic cars, Court Street received another slice of history in the form of signage from a legendary Brooklyn record store. The T-Mobile on Court Street near Livingston Street was outfitted with a replica of the marquee from Zig Zag Records, a now-shuttered Sheepshead Bay vinyl shop that had its heyday in the 1970s.

“I’m not interested in action movies at all, but I’d see ‘Men in Black III’ just to see the sign from my favorite old record store,” said Bensonhurst resident Jeff Mendes.

The shoot is expected to continue into Saturday, from 4 pm to 6 am, according to a rep from Community Board 6. Unfortunately for local star-hawkers, but fortunately for local motorists, Smith and his massive double-decker trailer won’t be making an appearance. The 53-feet long behemoth, which is larger than many New York apartments, ticked off Manhattanites when the movie filmed across the West River earlier this month.

The third installment of the franchise has been filming around Brooklyn since April. Both Williamsburg and Coney Island got similar back-to-the-future makeovers.

The “MIB III” cast also includes Josh Brolin as the younger version of Jones’s Agent K; Emma Thompson as a secretary for the alien-hunting agents; and Jemaine Clement, of “Flight of the Conchords” fame, as a villain.

Together, the “MIB” movies have grossed $1 billion worldwide, enough to establish a secret government agency to track alien movements (hmm…).

Photo by Tom Callan