Freed Prospect Park turtles living the good life in Prospect Park.

It’s turtles napping instead of turtle-nappings!

The turtles of Prospect Park that were tagged and bagged (well, definitely bagged) by poachers earlier this month and later saved by good Brooklynites were happily sunning themselves this week with what seemed to be not a care in the world.

Life had become hard as their shells two weeks back when witnesses spotted five women luring turtles into bags at Prospect Park. Four of the turtle thieves fled the scene, leaving the bags of turtles behind. The one thief remaining was caught, and since it is illegal to kill or harm animals in the park, she was slapped with a $1000 fine for kidnapping 27 turtles.

It was never clear what the poachers intended to do with the reptiles, but it was speculated that they may have been trying to sell them on the black market given that the species of turtle in the park that were kidnapped are popular pets and there are several dishes that can be made with turtles.

Now, all those fears have been put to rest as the turtles and other park fauna know that the good people of Brooklyn have their back!

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