Friday night lights

Friday night lights
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

You won’t see a bazaar this bizarre but in Brooklyn.

Masters of space transformation are turning a warehouse into a playground complete with wall-size video displays, an indoor soccer field, and banks of ping pong tables — for a public night market that is as much art as it is fair.

“There’s an increasingly blurred boundary of art performed as people subverting social practices and running with them,” said Ken Farmer, creative director of Nuit Blanche New York. “It’s about convening creative people for a celebration of the range of artistic things people are doing in Brooklyn and putting them all under one roof.”

The members of Nuit Blanche New York are some of a handful of artists, curators, and scene makers the Brooklyn Night Bazaar has wrangled to create a space that is a far cry from the typical holiday vendor market.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar founder Aaron Broudo has taken inspiration from the night bazaars of Asia, and brought in a group of artists and organizers to help turn the space into an ever-changing performance space that allows visitors to see something new every time at every turn.

“You don’t see many night markets in New York, but they are huge throughout Asia,” said Broudo. “Shangai and cities in Thailand and Malasia are famous for their night markets. It’s a big part of city life.”

And what better than 40,000-square-foot warehouse space for Brooklyn’s own night market, with each night of the bazaar featuring different artists or musicians, including those from Fat Cat Records, Fader, and Hype Machine.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar (45 N. Fifth St. between Wythe and Kent avenues in Williamsburg, wwww.bkbazaar.com). Fri., Sat., through Dec. 22, 6 pm–midnight.