From ‘30 Rock’ to your crib, thanks to Film Biz Recycling

From ‘30 Rock’ to your crib, thanks to Film Biz Recycling
Photo by Bess Adler

The reason that apartments in movies always look so great is because movie makers work with great set designers. Now, you can, too, thanks to Film Biz Recycling.

The new location of the two-year-old film set salvage company, which opened on Friday in Gowanus after a brief stay in Queens, sells high-quality furniture and accessories that have the seal of approval of top design professionals.

“These items are handpicked by designers in the industry, people who know what they’re doing,” said company founder Eva Radke.

Everything in the new location costs roughly half of what it would cost new.

For instance, couches from movies like “Sex and the City 2” cost $100-200. Bar stools from shows such as “30 Rock” go for $10-40. And dresses that may or may not have been worn by our greatest actresses cost $25-40.

You can pick up furniture and other odds and ends at the President Street store.
Photo by Bess Adler

The project got started in May, 2008, after Radke, who was in the movie industry for 15 years, noticed that the props were just thrown away after a day or two of use.

“At first it was a social mission, I wanted to know why we couldn’t find a place for all this amazing stuff,” she said. “Then I thought about the environment, and reselling items is far better than just throwing things out.”

And it’s just in time for the holiday season.

It’s a dirty business: Eva Radke owns Film Biz Recycling, a company that salvages items from film sets and recycles whatever cannot be saved.
The Brooklyn Paper / Kristen Joy Watts

Film Biz Recycling (540 President St. between Third and Fourth Avenues in Gowanus, no phone). For info, visit www.filmbizrecycling.org. Purchases help fund Blissful Bedrooms, an organization that makes over bedrooms for disabled teens.