Fund-raising — more like fun-raising

Fund-raising — more like fun-raising
Photo by Steve Solomonson

Who knew fund-raising could be so much fun?

It was all carnival games and family fun in the name of Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital at the Aviator Sports and Events Center in Floyd Bennet Field this weekend.

The Kids for Kids Family Fun Day for Saint Jude, now in its sixth year, saw its biggest turnout yet: 1,800 people raising more than $1 million for the treatment and defeating of childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.

“The event was absolutely fantastic,” said attendee Margaret Martin. “It had a special meaning to us because my oldest daughter is a cancer survivor.”

In addition to the rock climbing, ice skating, bungee jumping, character visits, and carnival games, patients and families spoke on their experience with Saint Jude and cancer, something which Martin felt was deeply important for the youngsters to understand.

“They got to hear stories of what happens at Saint Jude, they saw kids their age,” she said of the educational portion of the event. “We tried to educate them in their terms.”

Martin wasn’t the only one who was enamored with the fundraiser. Attendee of three years, Lori Pulese, says this year was, “very organized,” and “just as fun” as past years.

“It was something different,” she said of the event, which was held at Floyd Bennet Field for the first time this year, having been at the Bronx Zoo in the past. “I came to support and donate.”

According to Caitlin McFeely, who helped organize the event, a lot of what made the day so great was, “Teaching these kids to help each other.”

“The kids themselves collectively raised $32,000 this year,” she said proudly, adding, “the event was fantastic.”