G-train pain again

G-lightful! MTA to consider service improvements for Brooklyn Local
File photo by Mike McLaughlin

The Brooklyn Local just can’t catch a break.

On Monday, just one week after G train service to Queens was restored following five weeks of work to repair Hurricane Sandy damage to the tunnel under Newtown Creek, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is foisting another service disruption on long-suffering G riders. The latest round of work will force night owls onto shuttle buses between the Bedford-Nostrand and Church Avenue stops for four nights starting on Monday, leaving one straphanger feeling like Sisyphus of Greek mythology, who was condemned in the afterlife to the eternal task of rolling a large stone to the top of a hill only to have it roll down again.

“It never ends,” said Renee Nugent, who lives in Park Slope and regularly takes the G to Queens for work. “They are determined to make G riders miserable.”

Transit officials said the agency scheduled the just-wrapped post-Sandy repairs during the summer so as to have a minimal impact.

“We scheduled the Fix and Fortify work when we knew it would impact the least amount of customers,” said Authority spokeswoman Marisa Baldeo. “This is why we chose to make these vital repairs during the more lightly traveled summer weeks while exposing our customers to as little inconvenience as possible.”

The Bedford-Stuyvesant-to-Kensington closure is set to run from 10 pm to 5 am and last Sept. 8 to 12. Shuttle buses are supposed to be available for the duration, tracing the G route above ground.

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