Georgetown, a visitors’ guide

Hop to it: The popular breakfast restaurant is one of the oldest Georgetown stores.
Photo by Georgine Benvenuto

I’m gonna let you in on a little real-estate secret. You ready? One word: “Georgetown.”

Last month Fairway opened its second Brooklyn market in the little-known nabe, and now its the talk of town as the 95 percent of Brooklynites contemplate just where the heck Georgetown is — and how to cash in on its newfound cachet. Well, having lived in nearby Old Mill Basin for more than a decade, let me be your guide.

How to get to Georgetown

Getting there is easy — if you have a car. Georgetown is bounded by Ralph, Veterans, and Bergen avenues, and like most of the area, it is not served by subway lines. Even if you do take a train, you still have to take a bus or a taxi. Ralph Avenue is the main thoroughfare and the entry point into the suburban nabe. The B47 runs along that route but there is no express bus, so expect long waits. But the best way is to take the C train to Ralph Avenue and hop on the B47.


You know how people always say that new neighborhood names are an invention of the real-estate industry? Well, Georgetown. A developer started building up the area in the 1960s, originally aiming to call it Georgetowne Greens. The project never fully took shape but the name stuck around.

The neighborhood attraction

The Georgetown Shopping Center is the center of it all. The strip mall is home to clothing stores, eateries, a market, banks, and entertainment stores. You can spend the whole day browsing the Sally Beauty Supply, the Five Below, or GameStop. Even the parking lot is so notable that Google has taken a street view of every. single. row.


International House of Pancakes, a Chinese buffet, and a Subway — they’re all waiting for you in Georgetown, though in-the-know locals go for Courtney’s Grill, which is famous for its bourbon chicken. And apparently there will be more to stuff your face soon — a Five Guys is expected to open this year.


Don’t expect to go club-hopping in Georgetown — most of the area is shut down by 10 pm. But there is a Party City on Ralph Avenue, so you can always throw a party at your townhouse. And there is a 24-hour Dunkin Donuts! Just don’t go to the Brooklyn Zoo on Ralph Avenue near Avenue N expecting to see Billy Idol or the City Kids — it’s a pet store, not the famous concert venue.


Your day can go by fast just hanging around in Georgetown. So is Georgetown the next best neighborhood?

I think so. You can spend an hour shopping, eating, and walking through the mall.

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